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Benefits of IFA membership.


Our members decide together on areas of common interest, joint actions and positions on emerging and complex issues facing the industry today.

Networks and Expertise.

IFA events facilitate the sharing of information and best practices. Joining IFA’s committees, steering groups and other bodies expands members’ knowledge and contacts and allows them to shape the strategic work program of the Association and common positions.

Strategic Support.

The IFA Secretariat, headquartered in Paris and working globally, includes experts in sustainability, science and agronomy, climate business, finance, innovation, market intelligence, public affairs, strategic communication and event organization. The team works with and for members to carry out the Association’s strategic plan.

Range of IFA services.

1. Statistics and Market Intelligence.

IFASTAT is the leading source of fertilizer and raw materials statistics in the world. Compiled by IFA’s Market Intelligence team, IFASTAT is a one-stop-shop for the most comprehensive statistical information on fertilizers and raw materials supply and fertilizer consumption.

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IFA member benefits include:

  • Detailed statistics about the fertilizer market, with 15 years of global capacity, production and trade data, almost 70 years of plant nutrient consumption data and a selection of country profiles and factsheets.
  • Reports on medium-term and short-term supply and demand outlooks.
  • Long-term fertilizer demand scenarios to 2050.
  • Unique database on Global Nutrient Use Efficiency.
  • Fertilizer Use by Crop database – the only one of its kind.
  • Assessment of the global market for special products.
  • Insights from monitoring and tracking developments affecting the future of fertilizer markets.

2. Business Networking.

IFA organizes leading global fertilizer conferences and events year-round. The IFA Annual Conference is the flagship event where all the key fertilizer players gather to network and learn about the latest developments in the industry.

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It also convenes annual gatherings for cooperation along thematic and regional lines:

  • Global Sustainability Conference
  • Smart & Green Conference (on plant nutrition technologies and innovation)
  • Global Markets Conference
  • Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference
  • Strategic Forum / High-Level Forum on Sustainable Plant Nutrition

3. Stewardship and Sustainability

IFA’s mission is to help feed the world sustainably. It has a dedicated member service which promotes the sustainable production and use of plant nutrients and helps accelerate the sustainable transition of our industry by:

  • developing tools,
  • sharing knowledge,
  • providing guidance,
  • recognizing leaders.

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IFA has a long tradition of developing performance enhancing tools for its membership. These include fertilizer production benchmarks for safety, emissions, and energy efficiency and Protect & Sustain, the de facto product stewardship standard for the fertilizer industry.
More recently, IFA has partnered with the International Energy Agency to develop an Ammonia Technology Roadmap to lay the low carbon pathway for reaching net zero in production by 2050. In addition, IFA has partnered with sustainability consultants SystemIQ to produce a report on Reducing the Emissions from Fertilizer Use.
The Sustainable Fertilizer Academy (SFA) which IFA launched in 2021 provides a unique e-learning experience for everyone to learn about sustainability – from sourcing to production to use of fertilizers on the farm.
Best sustainability practices in the fertilizer industry are also a regular feature of IFA conferences, stakeholder events (UN COP, Biodiversity COP, etc.) webinars and social media campaigns.
Providing guidance is one of IFA’s strongest skills. Examples for sustainability are our Biodiversity Working Group and our Sustainable Metrics and ESG Working Group, and for circular economy, our Phosphogypsum Use Working Group. Created in 2013, this large member network has significantly helped the phosphate industry to position this by-product as inventory rather than as waste.
IFA regularly recognizes leaders in fertilizer production to inspire other members:

  • Industry Stewardship Champions: a gold medal to recognize the Sustainability leaders in our industry.
  • Green Leaf Awards: two trophies are presented for safety, health, and environment excellence in fertilizer production – one for the best phosphate or potash mining operation and another for the best nitrogen production.

4. International Engagement and Strategic Communication.

Global issues of the day from climate change to hunger and malnutrition are relevant to fertilizer production, distribution and use, as well as to others across the agriculture value chain.

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IFA seeks to engage, inform and support solutions. Activities include:

  • Working with members to ensure the industry’s voice and perspective are represented in policy debates during the meetings of the United Nations, as well as other international agricultural, environmental, scientific and policy arenas.
  • Supporting programs to develop and disseminate best management practices for the production and use of fertilizers, including recovery and recycling of nutrients.

5. IFA Science Program.

IFA has a track record of investing in science and science-related agricultural services – from funding research projects conducted by partner organizations to participating in global, regional or national science initiatives. The association is investing even more in its science program.

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Recent developments include:

  • The Scientific Panel on Responsible Plant Nutrition, which aims to provide science-based knowledge on responsible plant nutrition to industry and other stakeholders involved in food and agriculture.
  • Scientific advice, review and analysis of critical issues and developments for the fertilizer industry.
  • Research into crop nutrient gaps and nutrient requirements in Africa.
  • The Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition, which involves 30 organizations including the African Plant Nutrition Institute and nine IFA member companies.

Join IFA – membership is valuable.

Membership at IFA is open to any organization interested in plant nutrition. IFA has four different categories of members:

Ordinary Members.

Fertilizer producers and large traders with dedicated fertilizer assets.

Associate Members.

Traders, distributors, dealers and other entities which transact business in fertilizers. Service providers to the fertilizer industry. Projects under development. Non-fertilizer manufacturers and organizations. Entities in businesses covering biostimulants, organic fertilizers, nutrient recovery and recycling or precision agriculture. Businesses in the agri-food value chain with indirect interest in plant nutrition.

Affiliate Members.

Not-for-profit governmental or intergovernmental organizations.

Correspondent Members.

Retired senior executives of any entity member of IFA.

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