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Where are fertilizers used?

Some 3 billion people in the world experience ‘hidden hunger.’

They might have enough rice, wheat and pulses to eat, but the food lacks the vitamins and micronutrient minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium and iodine, needed for normal brain development and strong immune systems.

The International Fertilizer Association estimates that 85% of the soils globally are deficient in nitrogen, 73% of the soils are deficient in phosphorus and 55% lack potassium. Growing food in soil with a good balance of nutrients is key to preventing malnourishment and diseases caused by calorie deficiency. Below is a representation of how much mineral fertilizer is applied to different crops.

Understanding nutrient requirements of different crops is an essential component to study the impact of nutrient-related policies and plan farming processes. It is also a prerequisite for numerous other forms of market research and scientific assessment.