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Green Leaf Award

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For Excellence in Safety, Health and Environment in Fertilizer Production

Excellence in safety, health and environment (SHE) is a top priority for the whole fertilizer industry. Excellent SHE performance within the IFA membership is globally recognized and duly rewarded. This is why since 2009, IFA has granted the Green Leaf Award every two years to deserving member companies.

Based on positive feedback from previous editions of the awards, the 2024 Green Leaf Award will be presented again to two different types of production sites: one to the best nitrogen producer and another one to the best phosphate or potash producer.

IFA therefore invited candidate production plants or material handling units from its membership to submit an application demonstrating how the Implementation of a management system, specific project, innovation, or activity improved the overall performance in the area of safety, health and environment of the facility.

An independent panel of SHE professionals have selected the winners of the 2024 Green Leaf Award who have been invited to IFA’s Annual Conference in Singapore (May 2024). Recipients received their award from the Chair of IFA at the beginning of the Annual General Meeting.

ENGRO Green Leaf Award Winner
IMACID Green Leaf Award

IFA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Green Leaf Awards (GLA).


Best Nitrogen Producer

Engro Fertilizers, Manufacturing Division, Pakistan


Best Phosphate/Potash Producer

Indo Maroc Phosphore (IMACID), Morocco

This year, we received an impressive 27 applications from IFA members worldwide, encompassing 47 individual case studies that showcase outstanding achievements in environmental sustainability and safety management.

IFA will be hosting a webinar on June 6th, where the winners will present their submissions. This event provides a unique opportunity to gain insights into their award-winning projects and initiatives.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their exceptional contributions to advancing sustainability and safety in the fertilizer industry.

Best Nitrogen Producer

Engro Fertilizers, Manufacturing Division, Pakistan

Organo-mineral fertilizers combine dried organic and mineral fertilizers to provide balanced nutrients along with soil health improvements in a long-lasting, easy-totransport and store form.

Engro Fertilizers has been recognized for their comprehensive approach to Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) management within their fertilizer manufacturing division. Their initiatives include the development of a SHE Skill Lab, Virtual Academy, and SHE Help Desk. Energy Efficiency Improvements through their ECO-GREEN Project – a 60-day project involved the inspection and repair of 400 equipment pieces and the installation of low NOx burners, leading to a reduction of 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions and various projects to obtain net zero waste.

Best Phosphate/Potash Producer

Indo Maroc Phosphore (IMACID), Morocco

A joint venture of OCP, CFCL Group, and TATA Chemicals, IMACID is the first entity within the OCP group to achieve integrated certification systems, holding four ISO certifications (Quality 9001, Environment 14001, Health and Safety at Work 45001, and Energy 50001), all renewed in 2023 after achieving zero non-conformities in 2020.

First Runners-Up

Past Recipients.

IFA awarded its prestigious 2022 Green Leaf Award for excellence in safety, health and environmental performance to ICL Iberia and Yara India during its IFA Annual Conference in June, 2022.

ICL Iberia, Suria plant, Spain received the award in the phosphate/potash producer category for its excellent environmental case study – on actions taken to further lower greenhouse gas emissions at the Suria plant – and overall management for safety, health and the environment (SHE) of a fertilizer mining site.

Yara India, Babrala plant, Uttar Pradesh received the award in the nitrogen producer category by demonstrating a world class SHE management program with a hands-on approach across the plant and active monitoring, including during the Covid-19 response.

Arab Potash, Jordan earned first runner up in phosphate/potash producer category. In particular, the judges noted the company’s water conservation innovations. Fatima Fertilizer Company, Ltd., Pakistan achieved first runner up in the nitrogen producer category. Judges cited exceptional safety performance.

Applicants for the Green Leaf Award, all members of IFA, undergo an extensive evaluation of performance indicators by an independent panel of experts. IFA runs the award every two years and received 25 eligible applications for 2022.