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Secretariat Leadership Team
10 Jan 2023

Achim Dobermann

As Chief Scientist, Achim provides strategic scientific advice to IFA and its members on promoting responsible plant nutrition and enhancing nutrient stewardship worldwide. He served as Director & CEO of Rothamsted Research in the UK (2014-2019), Deputy Director General of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI, 2008-2014), Professor of Soil Science and Nutrient Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2000-2007), and as a Soil Nutrient Specialist at IRRI (1992-2000). He received his MSc in Tropical Agriculture and PhD in Soil Science from the University of Leipzig in Germany. Dr. Dobermann has over 35 years of field experience working in every region of the world on science and technology for sustainable farming, with particular emphasis on soil science, plant nutrition and agronomy. He has published on a wide range of agricultural issues and serves on the boards of iSDA.Ltd and Agrimetrics.Ltd, two startups working on data-driven solutions for agronomy and farming, as well as on several scientific advisory bodies worldwide.