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26 Oct 2015

Fertilización Foliar: Principios Científicos y Práctica de Campo

Foliar fertilization offers a specific advantage over soil fertilization when plant demand for nutrients exceeds the capacity of the roots to absorb nutrient and when environmental conditions limit the effectiveness or prevent the application of nutrients to the soil. This IFA publication provides readers an up-to date information and clarification on the scientific basis of foliar fertilization and plant responses to it. It describes the ‘state-of- knowledge’ on the mechanisms of uptake by plant leaves of foliar-applied nutrient solutions.The authors of the book made an integrated analysis of the physical, chemical and biological principles known to influence the absorption and utilization of foliar fertilizers by plants and reviewed the available laboratory and field trials to provide insights into the factors that determine the efficacy of foliar applications. As current understanding of the factors that influence the ultimate efficacy of foliar applications remains incomplete, the authors strive to illustrate the challenges facing this technology as well as the research and development required for its advancement. This publication is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English as a hardcopy and as a pdf.

Author(s): Fernández, V.; Sotiropoulos, T.; Brown, P.
Publisher: IFA, 1st edition, revised version, Paris, France, November 2015
Date of publication: 26 Oct 2015
Language: Spanish