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26 Oct 2020

Improving Human Health with Micronutrient Fertilization

In this new webinar focusing on micronutrients, IFA brings together renowned experts in the field to examine the important role of fertilizers for human nutrition and health. The webinar presents case studies from around the world highlighting the effects of agronomic fortification (i.e. the enrichment of crops with micronutrients) on human diets and health. The webinar also discusses the impact of micronutrient fertilization on crop yields and resistance to climate stress; and what the future holds for research and development. Guest speakers: - Howarth Bouis, 2016 World Food Prize Winner, Founding Director of HarvestPlus and Emeritus Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute. - Ismail Cakmak, Researcher, Sabanci University. - Katja Hora, Research Manager, SQM. - Upendra Singh, Deputy Director, Headquarters Research, IFDC. Moderator: Yvonne Harz-Pitre, Director Communications and Public Affairs, IFA.