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29 Jun 2021

What is Fertigation?

Munir Rusan, Professor at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and Hillel Magen, VP Agronomy at ICL Fertilizers and Director at the International Potash institute (IPI) sat down with IFA Deputy Director-General, Patrick Heffer, about the benefits and potential of fertigation for improving nutrient and water use efficiency, increasing farmers’ incomes, growing crops on marginal land and ensuring consistently high yields.

About the guest speakers

Munir Rusan is Professor of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, where he served as a Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture for several years. Munir Rusan worked previously as Consulting Director for the International Potash Institute and the International Plant Nutrition Institute.
Hillel Magen is Vice President of Agronomy at ICL Fertilizers, a company headquartered in Israel, that produces potash, phosphate and specialty fertilizers, including water-soluble fertilizers, an important fertilizer segment for fertigation. Hillel Magen is also Director of the International Potash Institute in Switzerland.