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01 Mar 2023

Open Data – Accelerating Crop Nutrition Advisory Solutions

Open data offers exceptional innovation opportunities across almost every sector.

In this edition of the IFA Podcast, Ron Baruchi, President & CEO of Agmatix and Cameron Ludemann, Agronomic Data Scientist at Wageningen University & Research, spoke with IFA Chief Scientist Achim Dobermann about the importance of open access data sharing, specific to field data. The two speakers spoke of the data gap in the adoption of digital agriculture, bottlenecks to open access data, including interoperability and data connectedness issues, and shared examples of innovative open data platforms

About the guest speakers

Ron Baruchi is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in managing technology, management, corporate strategy development, operations, and operational excellence. His areas of expertise include advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning. He is currently the president and CEO of Agmatix as well as the former COOof Blue Dot—an AI tax compliance company—and vice president of strategy and operations for Teva's global quality operations.
Cameron Ludemann is an agronomic data scientist at Wageningen University & Research, Netherland, where he leads the development of a Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database - in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Association and the Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition. The project aims to create a single, large database of crop nutrient removal data from all over the globe and use it to derive spatially disaggregated, accurate estimates of net nutrient removal for major crops. These data, and their analysis will aid future estimates of crop nutrient balances and crop nutrient use efficiencies around the world.