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06 Mar 2024

IFA on the road: 2023 in review

The global fertilizer market had another challenging year in 2023, underpinned by macroeconomic pressures, continued high feedstock costs and logistical disruptions. Further disruption came from conflicts in and around major production centres, adding complexity and risk to the picture.

With the world seeming increasingly divided, the ability to connect in person is more important than ever, and 2023 marked the first year since Covid-19 when business travel was back in full swing. IFA was able to explore meaningful connections through its events across Rome, Prague, London, Bangkok and Doha.

2023 IFA Conference The Rome Dialogues  2023 IFA Annual Conference  2023 IFA Conference Global Markets  2023 IFA Conference Asia Pacific Crossroads  2023 IFA Conference Strategic Forum

We also had the pleasure of participating in other industry events, kicking off the year with the Fertilizer Latino Americano and Arab Fertilizer Association conferences, before closing 2023 with key events such as The Fertilizer Institute’s World and the Fertilizer Association of India’s Annual Seminar.

2023 Sustain Africa   2023 AFA Conference   2023 Fertilizer Latin America  2023 COP28  2023 FAI Annual Seminar

Part of IFA’s mandate in feeding the world sustainably is to be a part of the conversation about food security, the energy transition, and the role of fertilizers across these themes. Our leaders were able to contribute to stakeholder discussions at various levels with governments and convening platforms, from the Future Minerals Forum in Riyadh and the Financial Times Mining Summit, to the World Economic Forum in Davos and of course Climate Week events in New York and COP 28 in Dubai.

2023 Future Minerals Forum  2023 FT Live Mining Summit   2023 Climate Week

Some of the most fulfilling connections came being on the road in the truest sense, visiting our members at their offices, production sites, port terminals and partner farms. In addition to conferences, meetings and other events, the IFA Secretariat was able to visit more than 15 member operations in 2023 in over ten countries. From Belgium to Brazil, China to Chile, and several other markets in between, IFA gained invaluable experience, knowledge and relationships.


Highlights included a port-to-farm journey in Brazil, a ten-day tour encompassing plants and mines in China, seeing decarbonisation projects and specialty fertilizer producers in the Middle East, and going deep underground to the world’s largest known polyhalite deposit in the UK. Travelling to markets like China is especially important for staying connected to fertilizer and agriculture trends. These trips give us unique access to insights that desk research and video calls cannot replace, which in turn help us connect to the industry regardless of geographical location.


In 2024 our priority is to keep reaching as many stakeholders as possible, learn as much as we can, and engage in healthy debate about helping to feed the world sustainably.
We are grateful to IFA’s members and partners, old friends and new, and we look forward to seeing more of you on the road in 2024.