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Secretariat Leadership Team
10 Jan 2023

Patrick Heffer

Patrick Heffer joined the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) in Paris in 2002 as Director of the Agriculture Service. In this capacity, he coordinated IFA’s global activities on fertilizer use, including agronomic, market and policy issues. From May 2020 to January 2021, he acted as Interim Director General of the Association, before becoming Deputy Director General. Patrick’s current duties include general management of the Association, member relations, business development, science & agronomy, plant nutrition technologies & innovation, regional strategy and management of projects. At the regional level, Patrick leads IFA’s Africa program.

Before joining IFA, Patrick spent 15 years with the seed industry, including five years with the International Seed Federation, and two years with FAO’s Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service.

He is on the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership on Nutrient Management (since 2013). He served on the Board of the Africa Fertilizer & Agribusiness Partnership (2011-19) and was Co-Coordinator of the Fertilizer Working Group of the UN Global Crisis Response Group (2022).

He has two master’s degrees, in agronomy and in plant breeding.