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04 Nov 2010

Slow- and Controlled Release and Stabilized Fertilizers in Agriculture. An Option for Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Agriculture

This book is an updated version of the IFA publication ‘Improving Fertilizer Use Efficiency: Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers in Agriculture’ by the same author, published in 1997. It is written for the fertilizer industry, policy makers and scientists. The main objectives of the publication are to: - Provide an up-to-date state of scientific knowledge on issues related to the development, production and use of enhanced-efficiency fertilizers (EEFs); - Explain the importance of EEFs to improve nutrient use efficiency; - Present EEF products that are currently available; - Assess the current market and prospects for EEFs. This publication is available as a hardcopy and as a pdf.

Author(s): Trenkel, M.E.
Publisher: IFA, 2nd edition, Paris, France, October 2010
Date of publication: 04 Nov 2010
Language: English