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Conference Paper
02 Oct 1990

Rhone Poulenc Diplo Process

This publication presents the latest development in the Rh“ne-Poulenc DIPLO patented process for phosphoric acid production. The research in raw materials and energy saving, the adaptation to new ore quality and the desire for reliability improvement its industrial units as well, have led Rh“ne Poulenc to optimise its process. This is why new investigations have been started on a laboratory scale in order to point out the compared advantages between the single tank and the DIPLO process. The exploitation of 5 phosphoric acid production units of which 3 out of them have been recently revamped according to the DIPLO process, allows Rh“ne Poulenc to compare conclusively its research results with its industrial practice.

Author(s): Laine, J., Satier, B., Tiberghien, P., Bellis, D., Constantinidis, A.
Publisher: IFA Technical Conference, Venice, Italy, 2-4 October 1990
Date of publication: 02 Oct 1990
Language: English