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11 Dec 2008

Micronutrients for Sustainable Food, Feed, Fibre and Bioenergy Production

This book is written for practitioners and stakeholders in the fertiliser industry and for policy makers whose decisions may impact on the use of micronutrients in agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Th e aim of the book is to explain the growing importance of micronutrients in balanced fertilisation, to consider the micronutrient fertiliser types that are currently available and how to best use them, to assess the current market and prospects for micronutrient fertilisers, and to discuss the policy, regulatory and quality control framework needed to maximize the benefits from using micronutrient fertilisers. This publication is available as a hardcopy and as a pdf.

Author(s): Bell, R.W., Dell, B.
Publisher: IFA, Paris, France, December 2008
Date of publication: 11 Dec 2008
Language: English