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19 May 2021

Plant Nutrition and Biodiversity

Simon Attwood, former Head of Conservation at WWF Singapore, and IFA Chief Scientist, Achim Dobermann, explore the relationship between fertilizers and biodiversity. Discover how farming and fertilizers can affect biodiversity, the importance of sustainable intensification to help avoid land conversion and how nutrient management can protect biodiversity.

About the guest speakers

Dr Simon Attwood is an expert in land conservation and management. He has helped to design and deliver the Australian Government’s Environmental Stewardship Program and more recently worked on projects in South East Asia and the Pacific to improve ecosystem services for rural community development and biodiversity conservation. Simon led the Ecological Intensification of Farming Systems team at Bioversity International, where he also co-developed the Agrobiodiversity Index, and was most recently Director of Conservation with WWF Singapore, where he worked on a range of conservation and sustainability challenges in South East Asia.
Dr Achim Dobermann is a soil scientist and agronomist with over 30 years work experience in all world regions. His main interests lie in science and technology solutions for food security and sustainable management of the world’s major agricultural systems. After completing leadership roles at Rothamsted Research and the International Rice Research Institute he now works as IFA’s Chief Scientist and in other strategic science advisory roles.