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21 Mar 2023

IFA’s new public website offers a revitalized resource for fertilizer industry information

I am pleased to announce the launch today of IFA’s new public website. The site has been designed to be an engaging ‘one-stop shop’ for information about IFA and the fertilizer industry, showcasing the work of IFA and its members in a fresh new format.

The fertilizer industry has been under the spotlight over the past few years to a degree few of us expected. IFA and its members have undertaken a significant communications effort during that time to bring clear and credible data and information, as well as the industry analysis, to guide policymakers and other stakeholders about the pressing issues of the day.

This new website forms part of that ongoing effort to educate and inform all our audiences about the work of the industry, what we are doing to support the sustainable production of food for an increasing global population, how relevant this industry is for food security, and how we work on solving the sustainability issues in our industry. And of course, none of this can be done without innovation which is amply covered on our new website.

As anyone working in the field of communications knows, websites are a living thing – they evolve and develop over time to support the needs of an organization. Over the coming months, our site will feature new and interesting content that reflects the dynamic nature of our industry, and which informs and educates visitors on this most interconnected of sectors.

I hope you enjoy visiting our new site. I encourage you to take a look around and share any feedback you may have with our Communications & Marketing Service.

Author(s): Alzbeta Klein, CEO/Director General, International Fertilizer Association