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Press Release
24 Aug 2022

IFA partners with agricultural research leaders to launch open data crop nutrition platform

Paris, France, August 24, 2022

one of a kind global platform designed to drive international research collaboration and expand open access to crop nutrient data to farmers, their advisers and policy makers is now open for access and collaboration.
The initiative, led by the Consortium for Precision Crop Nutrition (CPCN) and powered by Agmatix, was developed in partnership with the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) and Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Two active databases serve as a critical open data resource for agricultural researchers and professionals who conduct field trials on soil fertility and crop nutrition. By enabling users to contribute to and benefit from the datasets, the platform has already resulted in a published paper that estimates nutrient use and storage in maize.

The first database looks at production and environmental factors affecting nutrient concentrations to determine the total amount of nutrients removed from the field in the harvested portion of the crop. This provides agronomists and farm advisers with the information needed to improve their plant nutrition plans, delivering efficiencies and critical yield increases. Focused initially on nutritionally and industrially important crops such as maize, wheat, rice and soybean, the Global Crop Nutrient Removal Database includes data on nutrient content, residues, crop yields and other associated data.

The second resource, the Nutrient Omission Trial Database, is focused on crop nutrient requirements. Created in collaboration with the IFA, the African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) and Innovative Solutions for Decision Agriculture, this database includes data from researchers and institutes around the globe. It aims to support site-specific recommendations on optimizing nutrient management by enabling researchers to compare crop nutrient requirements and plans.

“The information collected via this database will be invaluable in improving our understanding of ongoing trends in crop nutrient uptake and removal,” said Achim Dobermann, IFA Chief Scientist. “This will make it easier to create decision support systems to determine how to optimize crop production in a sustainable way, under changing environmental conditions, ultimately facilitating positive long-term changes in how these processes are managed across the industry.”

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