Message Mapping Project: Peak Phosphate
Message Mapping Project: Peak Phosphate

Message Mapping Project: Peak Phosphate

Publisher: IFA, Paris, France, April 2011

Language: ENGLISH

Phosphorus (P) is an element that is essential to virtually all living organisms. It is one of the three macronutrients crops require in large amounts in order to grow, as it is an essential component of the genetic material, it is at the heart of the photosynthesis process, and it performs a key role in the transfer of energy. Many natural and agricultural soils have low available phosphorus levels. Phosphorus is a renewable resource that can be re-used within economic and technical limits. Phosphate rock is the primary source of phosphorus and the main raw material for phosphorus fertilizer products. Phosphate fertilizers, raw or processed, are a key input used by farmers around the world for agricultural production and food security. Phosphate rock is a non-renewable resource. It has taken millions of years for the rock to be formed through geological cycles and events. Does the fertilizer industry believe that peak phosphate is an issue? World Phosphate Rock Reserves and resources by IFDC Assessments and recent analyses

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