Promote the efficient, safe and secure production, storage and transportation of plant nutrients in a sustainable manner.


  • to facilitate the sharing of technical knowledge and the adoption of SHE best practices among member companies,
  • to develop industry standards and performance measures that encourage continuous improvement,
  • to interact with relevant organizations and legislative bodies to raise awareness and to enhance mutual understanding of global fertilizer industry issues.
The Technical & SHE Committee accomplishes these objectives with a variety of developmental and outreach platforms, including:
  • Promotion of production technologies techniques
    A key role of the IFA Technical Committee is to encourage ongoing exchange of best practices between members, researchers, engineers, equipment suppliers and other industry associations. To this end, the committee organizes a Global Technical Symposium every even year to examine progress in the production technology of fertilizers and their intermediates and to discuss related issues. Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) aspects in production are primarily dealt with at the Global Safety Summit which takes place every odd year. Each conference traditionally features the presentation of 30-40 new papers from member companies worldwide. This information forms the foundation of the committee’s ongoing work program and facilitates its commitment to continually provide members with information on the latest technological developments and SHE best practices.
  • Global benchmarking
    The Committee regularly conducts surveys and produces reports on key industry metrics, including the IFA Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions report, the IFA Environmental report and the IFA Employee Safety report. This work enables member companies to assess their operations over time, make comparisons with similar facilities on an established level of performance, determine the need for technology improvements and identify good industrial and management practices.
  • Education and advocacy
    The Committee recognizes that customers, markets and regulatory environments are best served by clear and concise information on the fertilizer industry and its practices and products. Because the knowledge and expertise found within the fertilizer industry can be the best source for this information, the Committee endeavors to educate policymakers, standardization bodies, customers and the public on industry achievements, technological advances, voluntary initiatives and best practices. The Committee also encourages universities and development centers to conduct research on fertilizer product development and production processes.
  • Technical and educational workshops and special events
    The IFA Technical & SHE Committee holds a number of training workshops designed for engineers working in the fertilizer industry, particularly those who have recently assumed new responsibilities, and for new engineers to increase their technical knowledge and to become better acquainted with new technologies in the industry. These workshops (e.g. concentrating on nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer production) are designed to improve the participants skills and broaden their vision and understanding of the entire industry, including technology, economics, energy use, safety, and environmental stewardship. Workshops also provide engineers with an opportunity to exchange ideas and disseminate information such that the knowledge gained will enable the participants to solve specific problems and improve plant operations and profitability.

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