1996 - Prof. Uzi Kafkafi

Prof. Uzi Kafkafi at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, was nominated for the 1996 Award by IFA's member company Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd, honouring a lifetime of dedication and achievement in the field of plant nutrition research.

An internationally recognized plant nutrition scientist whose studies include all three major elements: phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, Kafkafi's research has centred on intensive irrigated agriculture in semi-arid zones including work on soil salinity problems. He is a pioneer in the area of 'fertigation' - the first in Israel to investigate this combination of fertilization and trickle irrigation.

Prof. Kafkafi is an active communicator with a full academic teaching and research programme, including promoting advisory services in Israel and advising the industry on fertilizer-related issues. He is a previous recipient of the Ratner Prize in Soil Science, has published over 80 research papers, and is the co-editor of two books.