IFA Members' Commitments

IFA's 12 SHE Principles

All IFA members have adopted the 12 IFA Safety, Health and Environment Principles, which commits them to “establish and improve their safety, security, health and environmental performance through annual objectives, targets or key performance indicators,” among other actions.

IFA Stewardship Champions

IFA Industry Stewardship Champions label is awarded to fertilizer companies that have participated in all of IFA’s most recent Safety Performance, Environmental Performance and Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions benchmarks and that are certified IFA Protect & Sustain, the product stewardship standard for fertilizer companies. This label also applies to members who have valid international certifications that are the building blocks of Protect & Sustain (ISO, OHSAS and Responsible Care).

2022 IFA Industry Stewardship Champions

Protect & Sustain Certification

The IFA “Protect & Sustain” certification proposes a practical framework for implementing product stewardship practices, as well as tools to maintain them and measure the progress achieved.

Protect & Sustain was developed by IFA members for IFA members, with independent auditors DNV-GL and SGS, and has become the de facto global product stewardship standard for fertilizers.

Six areas are examined: management system, product development and planning, sourcing and contractor management, manufacturing techniques, supply chain to customer, as well as marketing, sales and application.

What makes this certification distinctive is the focus on product security and the in-depth coverage of the whole supply chain: from raw material sourcing to security of fertilizer sales.

The certification process usually takes between three to five months.

Protect & Sustain is available for fertilizers producers and other companies in the fertilizer value chain (fertilizer distributors, ports, traders and transporters).

IFA Benchmarks

100 percent voluntary, 100 percent confidential, 100 percent accessible: IFA offers all members three benchmarks to measure their progress in SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) management.

These benchmarks are:

Safety and Security

Our target is ZERO. Injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as safety and environmental incidents, are ALL preventable.

IFA has published the 4th edition of its Safety Handbook, a practical guide for managing safety in the fertilizer industry, which provides the guiding principles of positive safety management, an outline of the specific processes to manage safety and guidance for day-to-day safety management.

Safety Handbook

Establishing and Maintaining Positive Safety Management Practices in the Work Place.


Nutrient Recycling and Re-use

Phosphogypsum (PG), a mineral that occurs both naturally and as a co- or by-product of many industrial processes, has a wide range of uses in industry and agriculture. PG is a safe, reusable resource for which there are many beneficial uses, such as a multi-nutrient sulfur-rich fertilizer, high-quality plaster or wallboard, or as a road-bed material.

Different countries regulate PG differently, but in the majority of PG producing countries such as Brazil, Canada, China, India, Russia, Morocco and Belgium, the industry has been working with academia to review and revise the approaches to its use. In some countries, such as Brazil and Belgium, re-use is reaching 100 percent.

You can find out more about the sustainable management and reuse of PG through our 2020 Report, infographic and webinar:

Phosphogypsum Core Principles of Management and Use

June 30 2020

View Download Report

Fertilizer Sampling and Analysis Recommendations

IFA’s Method Harmonization Working Group, created in 2010 to help the membership deal with an increase of contractual disputes due to the variable use of methods and procedures to sample and analyze international product shipments, has developed and published several best practice recommendation documents available below. These should be considered as reference documents for the international trade of fertilizer products, not as international standards, nor should they take precedence over existing national and regional regulations or standards.

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Sampling Report Guidelines for Dry Solid Fertilizers - Read More ... 2021Public9/20/2021Download618392184ce0-8838-4726-a59e-11b4e0b01a8a
Sampling Report Guidelines for Liquid (solution) Fertilizers - Read More ... 2021Public9/20/2021Download6184da9db7fe-01a5-4882-b69e-6f7dac393672
Review of Analytical Methods for Slow- and Controlled-Release Fertilizers - Read More ... 2020Public6/23/2020Download594018f0e000-a48b-4dc7-9654-7abc0652a3c8
Liquid Fertilizer (non-pressurized) Sampling - Read More ... 2019Public4/5/2019Download57103ac2204a-3e07-4389-97b9-c9284b0d4b80
Method evaluation in total Nitrogen in solid fertilizers - Read More ... 2019Public4/5/2019Download5711297b26f5-9aea-4537-80e5-e4b948fcc02f
Fertilizer Bulk Bag Sampling - Read More ... 2017Public5/23/2017Download53315007c9a9-1711-47dd-9a0d-e3fc999d99d7
Fertilizer Transportation Sampling - Read More ... 2015Public4/21/2016Download5177ef7edc0a-1324-4e31-a91f-c538cc86332b
Review of Analytical Methods for Slow- and Controlled-Release Fertilizers - Read More ... 2014Public11/21/2014Download48925f39968d-b09b-4670-ba1e-c1a7204dbe8e
Evaluation of Commonly Used Methods for the Analysis of Acid-Soluble Phosphate in Internationally Traded Inorganic Fertilizers - Read More ... 2014Public7/25/2014Download48832d17dbcc-62bf-4bb6-a098-10a3a3a15dea
Determination of Moisture of Fertilizers - Read More ... 2014Public7/18/2014Download48799b2cced0-8316-4e92-b918-711eb1e96a70