Sustainable Management of the Nitrogen Cycle in Agriculture and Mitigation of Reactive Nitrogen Side Effects. Chinese Version

Authors: IFA Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

Publisher: IFA, Paris, France, January 2007

Date of Publication: 05 Jan 2007

Language: CHINESE

The IFA Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen has published a booklet providing scientific responses to frequently-asked questions on nitrogen and the environment. The potential of different N sources to meet demand, what we know, what we guess and what we don't know about the environmental and health effects of lack of N or excess N, the prospects for increasing N use efficiency, and the commitments of the fertilizer industry to improve N management are discussed in this publicatio Adopting an integrated approach to nutrient management maximizing the benefits and minimizing the risks associated with the use of N sources contributes to raising crop productivity and N use efficiency.

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