IFDC Empowers Rural Women in Bangladesh

In August 2016 the Walmart Foundation signed a contract with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) to implement the “Accelerating Vegetable Productivity Improvement” (AVPI) project for two years in Bangladesh.

The goal of AVPI is to enhance rural women’s empowerment, and the food security status of their families, by increasing their capacity to produce and market vegetable crops. Working with 233 villages in southwestern Bangladesh and the southern coastal belt, the project will benefit an estimated 52,000 women farmers and their families.

Drawing upon the lessons learned from the successful IFDC-Walmart Foundation partnership between 2013 and 2015, the AVPI project addresses poverty and food insecurity by empowering low-income women horticulture farmers with enhanced agricultural production technologies and improved market knowledge.

The project develops on the results of the previous Walmart Foundation-IFDC partnership through the use of fertilizer deep placement (FDP) in the broader context of best management practices (BMPs), including balanced fertilizer application. In addition, the project teaches women how to market their fruit and vegetable crops and has introduced polynet houses with trickle irrigation for seedling production.

The results so far have been very impressive. From November 2016 to October 2017, 17,867 women farmers grew 4,381 hectares of fruits and vegetables under balanced fertilizer application. Overall, vegetable and fruit yields increased by between 2.79 and 3.84 metric tons per hectare and 433.44 metric tons of Urea were saved. With 36,756 women farmers benefitting from productivity or food security training so far, the project looks set to have a big impact on female farmers in Bangladesh as it continues until the end of 2018.

FDC’s AVPI project aims to boost the knowledge and income of women vegetable and fruit farmers in southern Bangladesh. Read more about it here: https://ifdc.org/apvi