The IFA Protect & Sustain certification programme

IFA proposes a certification to its members, called “Protect and Sustain”, which presents a practical framework for implementing product stewardship practices – while providing the necessary reference material and the tools to aid implementation and to measure the progress achieved.

The certification process usually takes between three to five months. Six areas are examined: management system, product development and planning, sourcing and contractor management, manufacturing techniques, supply chain to customer, as well as marketing, sales and application.

Protect & Sustain was developed by IFA Members for IFA Members, with independent auditors DNV-GL and SGS, and has become the de facto global product stewardship standard for fertilizers.

By assessing your company’s product stewardship performance and joining IFA’s Protect & Sustain certification, you will identify your current status and prove your commitment to reaching a high level of safety, security and sustainability.

Benefits throughout the product lifespan:

  • 1. Safe working conditions
  • 2. Safe communities
  • 3. Protected environment
  • 4. Good reputation
  • 5. Less regulations/ taxes
  • 6. Less insurance payments
  • 7. More profitability
  • 8. Competitive advantage
  • 9. Less risk for investors

Protect & Sustain is now available for non-producers (fertilizer distributors, ports, traders and transporters), as well.

As of July 2020, 59 fertilizer IFA member companies in 58 countries have been certified with Protect & Sustain! Protect & Sustain is also available for non-producer IFA Members.

Hall of Fame

59 certified companies (N, P, K) in 58 countries