Nutrient stewardship refers to the efficient and effective planning and management of plant nutrients in a manner that improves the social, economic and environmental performance of mineral and organic fertilizers.

In 2018, WFO launched a global initiative called “the Climakers: a Farmers’ Driven Climate Change Agenda” with the objective of enhancing farmers’ position in the global political discussion on climate change. IFA was proud to become one of the initiative’s first partners.

The Farmers’ Driven Climate Change Agenda proposes a new paradigm, where the global policy-making process on agriculture is based on a bottom-up approach, starting with the best management practices that farmers have already identified as successful for climate change adaptation and mitigation, backed by science-based solutions and aligned with farmers’ needs to achieve the economic, social and environmental viability of the farming sector.

The Climakers’ Survey

In early 2019, the Climakers launched a global survey of farmers asking them for their experience of climate change. More than 100 farmers from 50 countries took part in it: 74% of them under 40 years old a 25% of them women. Farmers were invited to share their perception of climate change; the main barriers to adopting climate-smart agricultural practices; whether their nutrient management had changed because of climate change and whether they have recently completed soil tests.

You can find all the preliminary results of the survey here.

In addition, the Climakers have released a series of case studies “Stories from the Field” featuring several success stories from farmers and their implementation of climate-smart practices all over the world. You can access them here.

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