IFA Norman Borlaug Award

Dr Borlaug is considered the 'Father of the Green Revolution' and received the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize.

Every year since 1993, IFA grants the Norman Borlaug Award to a person whose research or extension work has led to significant advances in crop nutrition. The Norman Borlaug Award allows IFA to promote research and knowledge transfer on efficient and effective fertilizer use.

Previously called the 'IFA International Crop Nutrition Award’, it was renamed the 'IFA Norman Borlaug Award' in recognition of Dr Borlaug’s outstanding and tireless contribution to fighting hunger all over the world. He was a strong supporter of the fertilizer industry, demonstrating the vital links between science, technology, extension and agricultural production.

IFA Green Leaf Award

IFA Green Leaf Award recognizes outstanding performance in safety, health and environment (SHE) in fertilizer production among the Association’s membership.

The Award now forms an integral part of the Association’s Protect & Sustain product stewardship initiative. The Green Leaf Award is only open to registered Protect & Sustain users and is given every two years.