Nutrient Stewardship

How Plant Nutrition can Transform Africa's Food Systems
How Fertigation Enhances Water Productivity, Nutrient Use Efficiency and Farmers Incomes
An Introduction
to Crop NUE
19 Plant Nutrients for Improving and Protecting Plant Health
How Precision Agriculture is Improving Plant Nutrition
How Fertilizers Help Protect and Capture Soil Organic Carbon
Nutrients are Food for Plants and Humans

Product Stewardship

Sustainable Fertilizer Production
How the Fertilizer Industry is Reusing Phosphogypsum

The Phosphorus Facts

Learn about Phosphorus on the 350th anniversary of its discovery: our Phosphorus Facts series delves into its history, importance for plant nutrition, effects on soils and production process.

PhosFact: History
PhosFact: Plant Nutrition
PhosFact: Soils
PhosFact: P Production

Potash Stories

Potash Stories

Fertilizer Facts

IFA has developed the Fertilizer Facts Series to share some information on the important issues shaping the industry in a simple and straightforward way.

This is a tool designed to enhance knowledge of fertilizers and our industry. Feel free to download them, and share them with your own networks.

Fertilizer Use in Sub-Saharan Africa. How Far Are We from the Abuja Target?
Phosphate Supply: What you Need to Know to Understand Current Trends
Charting the Way to Optimal Performance
Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Different Parts of the World
Nitrogen Production: Why Energy Feedstock Trends Are Important
Ammonia Production: Moving Towards Maximum Efficiency and Lower GHG Emissions
Fertilizers Are Crucial for Closing the 'Yield Gap'