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IFA engagement at the Climate Change and Biodiversity COPs (Conference of Parties)

IFA participated in both COP 27 in Sharm el Sheikh and the Biodiversity COP 15 in Montréal during November and December last year. Our objectives for these events were to highlight the solutions the industry brings to high profile global challenges; to increase our members’ visibility in these spaces; to understand the main global trends around these topics and how they fit within our own sustainability journey and to report on the outcomes of negotiations on agriculture, market-based mechanisms and biodiversity targets.

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The global nature of the fertilizer industry makes it susceptible to major geopolitical disruptions

Five fertilizer market dynamics that tell the story of 2022

To say that 2022 was a rollercoaster year for fertilizer markets is an understatement.

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IFA at COP 27

Food systems and soil health are the focus for IFA at COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt, November 6-18.

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Routes to Decarbonizing Fertilizer Production

Food is loaded with energy, and it takes energy to make the fertilizers that feed the crops that become food for almost half the world’s population.

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Reflections on ONS 2022

The ONS Foundation is a non-profit organization facilitating discussions and collaboration on energy, technology and innovation. Last week, it brought together executives, policymakers, youth and other stakeholders to discuss the future. The future of the energy sector. The future of the planet. The well-known ‘energy trilemma’ – availability / affordability / sustainability was the key word of many conversations.

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IFA Annual Conference 2022 – Market Themes and Key Takeaways

How to navigate market risks while pursuing sustainability goals was the focus of the IFA Annual Conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference brought together the key players in the fertilizer industry. Expert speakers and panelists brought insights into short- and long-term systemic risks and discussed strategies for increasing value for all stakeholders at this dynamic time in the global economy.

This blog post summarizes the discussion and debates that took place on May 30 – 31, and key takeaways from industry leaders.

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How Do Droughts Affect Food Systems

The global food production depends on many driving forces and the availability of water is one. So, what are the effects of drought on crop production? What can farmers do at times of water scarcity?

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12 Environmental and Health Benefits of Nutrient Stewardship

As the UN Environment Assembly met this week under the theme of “Strengthening Actions for Nature to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” IFA has been sharing knowledge about how mineral fertilizers can help transform food systems in IFA for Nature week.

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Why are fertilizer prices so high?

By Laura Cross
IFA Market Intelligence Service

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Nutrient Management and Biodiversity

By Dr. Simon Attwood
Agriculture, human health, climate change and biodiversity are all interwoven

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The Fertilizer Industry Sets the Standard for Safety and Security

Product safety, security and sustainability are a concern for many businesses. For the fertilizer industry they are so important that it created its own bespoke best practices certification.

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