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IFA Welcomes the FAO International Code of Conduct for the Sustainable Use and Management of Fertilizers

27 June 2019

The International Fertilizer Association welcomes the FAO Code of Conduct, which was officially approved this week during the FAO Conference.

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3Bar Biologics Wins the Inaugural Plant Nutrition Startup Showcase $20,000 Grand Prize

13 June 2019

After an extensive global search, over 50 applications from all over the world, three days of presentations and a two-hour pitch session by eight selected startups, the International Fertilizer Industry (IFA) and Larta Institute today crowned 3B Bar Bioligics as the winner of the first ever Plant Nutrition Startup Showcase, for its innovative on-farm microbe fermentation technology.

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IFA’s Annual Conference in Montreal: The Global Fertilizer Industry Continues to Evolve and Connect

13 June 2019

More than 1250 representatives from 67 countries met in Montreal to advance the industry’s commitments to industry stewardship, partnerships and innovation at IFA’s Annual Conference, IFA2019, the most important global plant nutrition event.

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Mr. Mostafa Terrab Becomes Global Fertilizer Industry Association’s First Chairman from the African Continent

13 June 2019

Mr. Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and Chief Executive of OCP, to prioritize environmental stewardship and sustainable use of fertilizers during his two-year tenure at the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

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UNEA-4 Adopts Resolution on Sustainable Nitrogen Management: Global Fertilizer Industry Committed to Doing Its Part

19 March 2019

The Resolution on Sustainable Nitrogen Management, adopted at the 11-15 March UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, calls for coherent evidence-based, global policy coordination to address negative impacts of reactive nitrogen stemming from multiple sources.

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Fertilizer Industry Associations to Bolster Scientific Research Capabilities by Absorbing the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

14 December 2018

The members and the Board of Directors of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) voted this week to undertake a major organizational restructure which will include the transfer of key scientific assets and programs to The Fertilizer Institute (TFI), Fertilizer Canada and the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).

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IFA’s Strategic Forum Examines Plant Nutrition Related Developments in China and India While Reiterating Industry Commitment to Fertilizer Stewardship and Stakeholder Engagement

15 November 2018

Global fertilizer industry leaders gathered this week for the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) 2018 Strategic Forum to discuss the implications of the IFA2030 strategic review.

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Chinese Researcher Wins International Award for Breakthroughs in Agricultural Efficiency

12 Ocober 2018

Professor Weifeng Zhang is awarded the International Fertilizer Association’s Norman Borlaug Award for steering China towards smarter fertilizer use while also improving productivity.

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The Fertilizer Industry Embraces the Sustainable Future at IFA’s Annual Conference in Berlin

20 June 2018

Over 1350 international fertilizer industry executives and plant nutrition organization representatives convened for a fascinating discussion about the future at the 86th annual meeting of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) in Berlin from June 18th to the 20th.

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IFA Represents the Fertilizer Industry at the UN’s Highest-Level Decision-Making Meeting on the Environment

7 December 2017

IFA recently led an active fertilizer industry delegation to the third annual UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-3) and played a central part in organizing two major side events in Nairobi, Kenya.

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“IFA2030” Launched at Strategic Forum

13 November 2017

To better understand likely future challenges and opportunities, IFA has embarked on a strategic review process.

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Urgent Action Needed to Address Africa’s Soil Health Issues, Say Experts

20 October 2017

One of the best prospects for feeding Africa’s rapidly growing population is to increase the sustainable use of fertilizers, a high-level panel of experts is expected to say today at an international meeting of the World Food Prize

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Brazilian Agronomist Wins Industry Prize for Lowering Emissions of Tropical Agriculture

13 October 2017

One of the best prospects for feeding Africa’s rapidly growing population is to increase the sustainable use of fertilizers, a high-level panel of experts is expected to say today at an international meeting of the World Food Prize.

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IFA Leads Strong Industry Delegation to the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

12 July 2017

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) is delighted to announce its participation in the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2017 (HLPF 2017).

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Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd (RCF) - winner of the IFA 2017 Green Leaf Award

31 March 2017

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) is pleased to announce Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd (RCF) as the winner of the IFA 2017 Green Leaf Award for Excellence in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) in Fertilizer Production.

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New Handbook Offers Soil Health Guidance for Farmers to Achieve Triple Win of Productivity, Resilience and Sustainability

29 March 2017

Experts publish best approaches for effective nutrient management in the face of climate change

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FAO and the International Fertilizer Association to cooperate on sustainable soil and crop nutrition management

19 October 2016

A new agreement to broaden collaboration on research advocacy and data collection in support of sustainable plant nutrients and soil management.

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“Global Fertilizer Day” Celebrates Fertilizers’ Contribution to Global Food Security and Nutrition

13 October 2016

Ahead of World Food Day, Here are 7 Ways the Fertilizer Sector is Making a Positive Impact Around the World.

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Private sector in training initiative to improve access to fertilizers to boost food security and enterprise development among smallholder farmers

7 July 2016

Smallholder farmers in Limpopo Province - South Africa's bread basket - are paradoxically confronted with the continuous challenges of raising their productivity to boost food security owing to limited access and low use of fertilizers, a neglected but critical input which can double yields within a single cropping season.

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Global fertilizer industry reaffirms focus on balanced plant nutrition for long-term growth and sustainability

6 June 2016

Over 1,300 major actors and key influencers of the fertilizer sector gathered for the Annual Meeting of the International Fertilizer Industry Association this week, to discuss the sector’s progress in delivering proper plant nutrition to drive ongoing agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability.

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Professor Tekalign Mamo wins 2016 IFA Norman Borlaug Award

9 May 2016

Former Ethiopian State Minister of Agriculture recognised for decades-long commitment to improving soil health on the African continent.

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Dr. Jawahery opens Global IFA Technical Symposium

21 March 2016

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) President and Chairman of the International Fertiliser Industry Association (IFA) Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery opened the Global IFA Technical Symposium, which took place in the Indian capital, New Delhi, from March 14 to 17.

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IFA participe au petit-déjeuner débat de FARM !

3 March 2016

IFA débattra sur le rôle des engrais minéraux dans une nutrition des plantes responsable lors du débat organisé par FARM.

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