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Video: New Sensor Gives Farmers More Accurate Read on Plant Health & Crop Data

A Purdue University professor has built an innovative multispectral handheld sensor that gives plant scientists and farmers a more precise way of measuring the health of crops while gathering valuable up-to-the-minute data.



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Video: New Sensor Gives Farmers More Accurate Read on Plant Health & Crop Data

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Focusing on the pivotal Asian region and Pacific basin, IFA's Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference is an extremely popular event, with some 400 participants expected to be in att
Inaugural High Level Forum

This High-Level Forum is a multi-stakeholder dialogue between the fertilizer industry and key international organizations working on agricultural or environmental issues to identify solutions to facilitate more sustainable plant nutrition around the world. 
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Bringing together for the first time ever IFA's Agriculture, Communications & Public Affairs and Technical & SHE Committees, IFA's new Global Stewardship Conference is one you will not want to miss! Stay stuned.