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Dr. Gururaj Guddappa Kulkarni on IRRI’s New Bio-innovation Center, Climate Change-Ready Rice and NUE

Dr. Gururaj Guddappa Kulkarni is Director of the new IRRI Bio-innovation Center as well as an IRRI Senior Scientist and the Global Head of Research Infrastructure and Regulatory Compliance.

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8 Human Health Benefits of Fertilizers

By ensuring a concentrated, consistent and easily accessible supply of nutrients that plants need to grow, be healthy and resilient, mineral fertilizers not only ensure food security, but also provide numerous other health benefits for humans.

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5 Environmental Benefits of Nutrient Stewardship

Fertilizers provide plants with concentrated, consistent and readily available nutrients that are vital for their growth, health and resilience to climate stress.

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Dr. Tom Bruulsema on the Scientific Panel on Responsible Plant Nutrition and the New Paradigm for Plant Nutrition

Dr. Tom Bruulsema is Chair of the Scientific Panel on Responsible Plant Nutrition and has been Chief Scientist of Plant Nutrition Canada since 2019. With a passion for nutrient stewardship in agriculture, he has worked for the past 26 years with industry, environmental, and scientific groups to lead agricultural service providers in advancing sustainability.

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