Change Makers 2020


Dr. André Bationo on Supporting Smallholders, Micro-Dosing and Warrantage, and Ways to Improve Soil Fertility in Africa

Dr. André Bationo is Chief of Party for the Smallholder Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program (SAPEP) and winner of the 2020 Africa Food Prize, and 2009 IFA Norman Borlaug Award, for his work on micro-dosing and warrantage in West Africa.

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The Potential of Fertilizers to Further Reduce Hidden Hunger in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

Written by Dr. Howarth Bouis, HarvestPlus Director and 2016 World Food Prize Laureate and, Dr. Ismail Cakmak, Sabanci University Professor and HarvestZinc project coordinator.

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2020 World Food Prize Awarded to Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration Pioneer

Dr. Rattan Lal was recently announced as the winner of the 2020 World Food Prize for his research on highlighting the importance of soil health for not only improving crop yields but also helping farmers adapt to and mitigate climate change.

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5 Reasons Why Sustainable Plant Nutrition is Key for Protecting the Environment

In addition to improving human wellbeing and economic development, sustainably managed fertilizer use also has a vitally important role in supporting the environment. In honour of World Environment Day on June the 5th here’s a look at just some of the many ways that plant nutrition can help protect the environment.

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Mind the Gap! The Urgent Need for Gender Equality in Agriculture

Empowering women farmers by increasing access to fertilizers and training them on their proper use could help feed an additional 150 million people and break their cycle of poverty.

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Why Fertilizers are Vital for Supporting, Improving and Protecting Plant Health

As proclaimed by the U.N., 2020 is the International Year of Plant Health. Protecting plant health is crucial for ensuring that we can grow enough crops on existing land to help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect biodiversity and the environment, and boost economic development.

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