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IFA membership is valuable

IFA offers four types of membership:

  • Ordinary Members: Fertilizer producers;
  • Associate Members: Distributors, dealers and other entities which transact business in fertilizers;
  • Affiliate Members: Not-for-profit governmental or inter-governmental organizations;
  • Correspondent Members: Retired senior executive of any entity member of IFA.

To find out which membership category you belong to, please contact IFA.

What are the advantages of being an IFA member?

Here are just a few:

  • Gain access to IFASTAT, first-class global statistics on fertilizer supply and consumption and market intelligence;
  • Participate in benchmarking and certification programs on safety, health and the environment;
  • Benefit from representation at high-level meetings of the UN and its specialized agencies, and other international organizations;
  • Inspire and contribute to position papers, as well as participate in policy dialogues on topics of importance to the fertilizer industry;
  • Reinforce your commitment to environmental stewardship by signing onto our Industry Nutrient Stewardship Commitments , SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Principles and our Code of Conduct for business ethics.

Which type of membership is right for your organization?

Ordinary Member

Associate Member

Affiliate Member

Correspondent Member