Benefits of IFA's conferences

“We participate in most IFA events, predominantly the Annual Conference. It’s very good to be an active member of IFA, and interact with many fertilizer companies across the globe. It helps a lot with networking, business development and appraisal of technology all over the world.”

―Long-standing IFA Member, President and CEO, South America

IFA organizes conferences and events year-round in various locations all across the world to mirror its global membership. Peer-to-peer contacts remain fundamentally important for the industry’s business operations and robust competition. Networking also facilitates the exchange of best practices to drive improved performance. IFA provides open forums for networking and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

IFA’s Annual Conference is the annual fertilizer industry event worldwide. Held in different regions each year, it attracts around 1,300 participants, including chief executives and senior management representatives.

Members also have access to these subject specific IFA Conferences:

  • The annual IFA Strategic Forum,
  • The annual IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference (also open to non-Members),
  • The annual IFA Market Intelligence Conference,
  • The annual IFA Agriculture and Communication Meeting,
  • The biennial IFA Global Safety Summit,
  • The biennial IFA Global Technical Symposium.