Chinese Initiative

Expanding the relationship between the Chinese fertilizer industry and the global fertilizer community.

The main objectives of this initiative are:

  • to raise IFA's profile and expand IFA’s membership in China on a long-term basis;
  • to facilitate easy access to reliable market information on the Chinese fertilizer industry;
  • to promote the sustainable development of the fertilizer and agricultural sectors in China, through sharing of best technological and agricultural practices and participation in benchmarking programmes;
  • to foster market transparency and exchanges of information on fertilizer production, trade and consumption among IFA members.

Membership benefits include:

  • the translation of key IFA documents in Mandarin located in the Chinese portal of;
  • the presence of senior IFA staff at well-known fertilizer conferences in China and briefings with industry executives across China;
  • invitation to participate in IFA’s conferences abroad.

Market Intelligence and Publications

To access IFA's publications and Market Outlooks translated in Chinese, please click on the Chinese flag.





  • 进一步提升IFA的影响并从长远的基础上进一步增加IFA会员;
  • 增加了解中国肥料行业信息的便利性;
  • 通过分享最好的技术和农业实践和参与对标来进一步推进中国肥料和农业的可持续发展;
  • 培育市场的透明度,并在IFA会员加强肥料生产、肥料贸易以及消耗的信息的交流.


  • 在IFA网站fertilizer.org的中文端口IFA重要文件的中文翻译;
  • IFA高级职员参加在中国的重要的肥料会议并向中国肥料行业的领导介绍行业的发展概况;
  • 邀请参加IFA在国外举办的会议.






 EECA Initiative

Reaching out to Russian speaking countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The strategic objectives for this initative are based on the nderstanding of the diverse business needs and requirements in the region :

  • to deepen existing ties with IFA members in the region to enhance interaction among local members, the IFA membership, and the Secretariat;
  • to foster increased participation in IFA events and Committee work to ensure proper regional representation;
  • to facilitate the exchange of market information with regard to production, trade and domestic consumption to better serve the information needs of the global fertilizer industry.


To access IFA's publications in Russian, please click on the Russian flag.

русская документация

 пРОГРАММА ПО Восточной ЕвропЕ и Центральной Азии

Налаживание связей с русскоговорящими странами Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии

Стратегические цели данной программы основываются на понимании многообразия требований и задач бизнеса в регионе: :

  • углубить существующие связи с членами IFA (Международной Ассоциации Удобрений) в регионе, чтобы улучшить взаимодействие между местными компаниями-членами IFA, общим составом учатсников IFA и Секретариатом;
  • способствовать расширению участия в мероприятиях IFA и работе комитетов для обеспечения надлежащего представительства от данного регион
  • содействовать обмену информацией о производстве, торговле и внутреннем потреблении, чтобы лучше отражать информационные запросы мировой промышленности удобрений.


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русская документация

The IFA Africa Forum

Striving for an African continent free from hunger and malnutrition thanks to fertile soils and adequate agricultural production.

This IFA regional body is composed of IFA members with a long-term interest in Africa and in developing fertilizer use to improve soil fertility, promoting agricultural production and human nutrition to alleviate poverty.

The Forum provides a platform to exchange views and expertise on key issues. It facilitates effective communication between the fertilizer industry and key African stakeholders. It expects to raise awareness on the positive role fertilizers can play in Africa’s development. Finally, it should contribute to increased fertilizer use by African farmers, in line with agronomic recommendations.

The Forum’s activities have both a pan-African and Sub-Saharan target. The Forum is open to all IFA members with activities in Africa and any member committed to developing the African fertilizer market in the long term. Non-industry organizations may be associated, but cannot be members. The Forum meets once or twice a year. On the long term, the IFA Africa Forum hopes that it will succeed in improving availability and diffusing knowledge about fertilizer use to African farmers, in line with agronomic recommendations.

The world's fastest growing market

The African continent has the lowest fertilizer consumption in the world. The situation is changing rapidly in some leading countries that are experiencing an economic and population growth that drives up food demand and production, yet in some regions like Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) much more needs to be done to address the problems of high soil mining, yield gaps, and high prevalence of hunger.

IFA therefore supports projects that seek to improve the access to fertilizers in the countries where they are most needed. In order for these projects to be effective, they must rely on up-to-date and reliable data.

Latin America Initiative

Strenghtening IFA's focus on Latin America

The main objectives of IFA’s work program for Latin America are to improve its knowledge of the regional market, raise members’ awareness about IFA’s services and initiatives, and provide support to national and regional fertilizer associations.

Market Intelligence

IFA focuses its statistical outreach in Latin America around three areas:

  • Circulating IFA’s fertilizer statistics amongst members in the region, and providing them with explanations on the data collection and dissemination processes under anti-trust and confidentiality procedures.
  • Improving IFA’s knowledge of the regional and national fertilizer markets;
  • Encouraging knowledge and best practice sharing among fertilizer associations when it comes to fertilizer statistics compilation and dissemination.

Support to Fertilizer Associations

IFA wishes to strengthen its links and cooperation with existing and future fertilizer associations, particularly regarding fertilizer demand statistics; and can organize on demand training on fertilizer demand forecasting.