Facts & Figures

Welcome to IFA’s new Facts & Figures page!

Here you will find three series designed by IFA to provide you with important facts on plant nutrients and the fertilizer industry:

  • Learn about Phosphorus on the 350th anniversary of its discovery: our Phosphorus Facts series delves into its history, importance for plant nutrition, effects on soils and production process.
  • Our Potash Stories provides some key facts on another nutrient essential to plant and human health, Potassium (K)! We explain how K fertilizer is applied following the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship, and which foods you can consume to increase your K intake!
  • Finally, discover our one-pager series Fertilizer Facts that summarizes key issues for the industry, such Nitrogen Use Efficiency in different parts of the world or why Fertilizers are essential to close the yield gap.

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