IFA Statistics

The collection and compilation of primary market data and the provision of high-quality market analysis are among IFA's principal missions. Access to these data and analyses are major benefits of IFA membership.

The Agriculture Committee and Production and International Trade Committee are responsible for providing supply and demand analyses concerning fertilizer consumption and supply and trade, on a regular basis.

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Historical production, trade and consumption statistics from 1973 (with 1961/62 as a base year). Figures are given in term of nutrients N, P2O5 and K2O, by country, region, world for the following fertilizer products :
  • nitrogen
  • phosphat
  • potash
In September 2017, the IFA Secretariat significantly revised its China's fertilizer consumption statistics published in IFADATA for the period 2005-2014. These changes were made following a year-long investigation by a Chinese consultant. This revision brings greater clarity to China's fertilizer consumption statistics.
For more information on these changes, please refer to this explanatory note.

PITDATA: IFA supply statistics Portal

IFA is launching the PITDATA Portal for IFA members only; this portal is dedicated to facilitate the access to PIT reports and detailed statistics on production, deliveries and exports by country on an annual and/or quarterly basis for the 17 mainstream products, intermediates and raw materials.
  • access to PIT statistical reports from 2002, available both in nutrient and product tonnes and both in PDF and Excel formats
  • online query interface to access any PIT data (production and trade) from 2002 by product and by country with exporting results in Excel format
PITDATA portal is directly accessible through fertilizer-statistics.org, using IFA member passwords.

Production and International Trade - PIT

Excel files of production, exports and imports

Figures given in term of nutrients and product, by country, region, world of the following products:
  • N products
  • phosphate rock
  • processed phosphates
  • potash
  • sulphur
Detailed reports on production, home deliveries and trade statistics

Quarterly, half-yearly and annual figures:
  • raw materials
  • intermediates
  • finished products
  • summary capacity reports
  • global capacity for main fertilizer products - regional tables

Fertilizer Use by Crop - FUBC

Fully understanding the contribution of the different crop types to fertilizer use at national, regional and global levels is a prerequisite to the development of sound fertilizer demand forecasts.


IFA gathers information on fertilizer use by crop in the main fertilizer-consuming countries.

Sulphur-Nutrient Consumption

Assessment of global S-nutrient consumption, monitoring 25 S-containing fertilizer products. The current assessment refers to the 2015 campaign; it will be updated every other year.

Specialty Crops

IFA has developed a database on the market for specialty fertilizers, which currently covers 29 countries.

The database includes information on the harvested area of the main target crops, and the area under different kinds of protected agriculture and under different types of irrigation systems.

Specialty Products

Assessment of regional and global consumption of slow, control-released, stabilized and water soluble fertilizers.

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