Production & International Trade

Due to antitrust regulations, the format of the quarterly reports was modified and the release of detailed reports with information by country has been postponed by 10-12 months after the period covered.

PIT statistical reports are therefore available in aggregated and detailed formats:

Aggregated reports include half-yearly and quarterly reports with aggregated statistics of production and trade, and relevant trade matrices with aggregated exports but with detailed imports by country. These aggregations of data are made in order to prevent the disclosure of individual company statistics in a single country.

Detailed reports include all annual (non preliminary) reports with detailed production, deliveries and exports by country, and relevant detailed trade matrices. These reports are usually released in October of the following year. DET reports also comprise detailed quarterly and half-yearly reports of the previous year, and are dispatched simultaneously with current year's aggregated quarterly / half-yearly reports. 


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2017 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG Q4 AGG  
2016 Q1 DET Q2 DET Q3 DET  Q4 DET  Annual
2016 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG


2017 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG Q4 AGG  
2016 Q1 DET Q2 DET Q3 DET Q4 DET   Annual
2016 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG Q4 AGG  

  Other Nitrogen Products

 2016 Annual AN/CAN
Annual AS  Annual UAN 


  Phosphate Rock

2017 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG  Q3 AGG    
2016  Q1 DET Q2 DET  Q3 DET   Annual
2016 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG  Q3 AGG Q4 AGG   

  Processed Phosphates

2017 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG     
2016 Q1 DET  Q2 DET Q3 DET     Annual
2016 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG Q4 AGG   

  Other Phosphate Products

2015 Annual SSP



2017 Half-Yearly AGG  
2016 Half-Yearly DET Annual DET
2016 Half-Yearly AGG Annual AGG


  Sulphur and Sulphuric Acid

 2014 Q1 DET   Q2 DET  Q3 DET  Q4 DET  
2014 Q1 AGG Q2 AGG Q3 AGG Q4 AGG