IFA Webinars 
Short-term Outlook of World Fertilizer Demand and Supply 2016/17 - 2018/19
A. Gruere, P. Heffer, M. Prud'homme
Towards a solutions- oriented future: the role of fertilizers in climate change adaptation and mitigation
ISO Technical Committee 134 Working Group
B. Hall, Mosaic
Short-term Outlook of World Fertilizer Demand and Supply 2015/16 - 207/18
A. Gruere, P. Heffer, M. Prud'homme
Fertilizers and their efficient use
Dr. H. Reetz, Reetz Agronomics LLC
IFA medium-term fertilizer outlook - 2016-2020
A. Gruère and M. Prud'homme
Fertilizer Consumption Trends in China vs. the Rest of the Word
P. Heffer
IFA medium-term fertilizer outlook - 2015-2019
P. Heffer and M. Prud'homme
IFA medium-term fertilizer outlook - 2014-2018
P. Heffer and M. Prud'homme
   International Engagements 
2030 Agenda and the Role of the Private Sector
Dr. David Nabarro
2015, OECD Roundtable Discussion in Paris
Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA
2014, Achim Steiner
UN Under-Secretary-General,
UNEP Executive Director
   IFA Conferences 
IFA Young Professionals
IFA Annual Conference, Moscow, Russia
What Does the Paris Agreement Mean for the Fertilizer Industry?
G. Schmidt-Traub
Piloting, Plant Scale Developments of Producing (N)PK
A. Zanelli
2015 IFA Stategic Forum
Paris, France
2014 IFA Enlarged Council Meeting
Product Stewardship Round Table
   IFA Presentations 
2015 World Potash Industry Conference
P. Heffer, M. Prudhomme, IFA
2014, 3rd FFBL Seminar on HSE
Volker Andresen, Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA
   What are fertilizers ? 
The Discovery that changed the World
Thomas Haber-Bosch 
   4Rs / Nutrient Management 
African Green Revolution Forum
Charlotte Hebebrand,
IFA Director General
Nutrient Stewardship, 4Rs
Part 1 of 2
Nutrient Stewardship, 4Rs
Part 2 of 2
   Farming First 
Supporting Farmers with Agricultural Growth Corridors
Anne Grethe Dalane, Yara
Building Agricultural Growth Corridors, Sean de Cleene, Yara
Chris Isaac, AgDevCo
Reducing Fertilizer's Impact on the Climate
Clyde Graham, C.F.I.
The UN's view on Malnutrition
Dr. David Nabarro
Developing Farm Service Centers in Ethiopia
USAID Africa
Miracles with fertilizer microdosing
African Fertilizer Volunteer's Program
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