Why attend IFA events ?

Through its events, IFA offers rich opportunities for its members to meet, exchange views on the issues facing the industry and find opportunities for industry outreach. Peer-to-peer contacts are fundamentally important for the industry’s business operations and robust competition. Networking also facilitates the exchange of best practices to drive improved performance. IFA provides open forums for networking and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

To facilitate participation, IFA negotiates special room rates, coordinates selected hotels to provide customized services and offers a personalized reservation service. Conferences are financed by members through participation fees and occasionally through event sponsorship. IFA’s Annual Conference is the annual fertilizer industry event worldwide. Held in different regions each year, it attracts around 1,300 participants, including chief executives and senior management representatives.

Members also have access to these subjects-specific conferences:
  • IFA Strategic Forum,
  • IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference (also open to non-Members),
  • IFA Production and International Trade Conference,
  • IFA Agriculture and Communication Meeting,
  • Biennial IFA Global Safety Summit,
  • Biennial IFA Global Technical Symposium.

2018 IFA Joint Agriculture & Communication Meeting

29-31 January, Rome, Italy

Join us in the center of Rome for the 2018 Annual Communications & Agriculture meeting: Participate in strategic discussions and vivid exchanges, hear inspiring presentations and learn about new case studies.
This year’s meeting will fully embrace the IFA 2030 strategic review process and bring together an exciting panel of expert guest speakers, who will share their insights into the societal, technological, environmental, economic and policy scenarios leading to 2030, and help the industry to examine implications and determine possible response strategies.

In addition, the meeting will bring forward current issues, hot topics and review nutrient stewardship related projects with a focus on subjects like climate change adaptation and mitigation tactics and environmental pollution. 

Conference details and online registration 
Contact: Conference Service


2018 IFA Production and International Trade Conference

6-8 March, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For the very first time, this annual IFA conference will be profiling IFA Latin America Outreach, showcasing key market and distribution developments in this region.
Under the Banner Theme “Exploring New Technologies, Opening New Fertilizer Markets”, the programme will include a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the fertilizer industry and stakeholders, while offering ample opportunities for networking. 
Topics will also cover farm economics, shift in fertilizer distribution paradigm, digitalization of the fertilizer supply value-chain, and emerging disruptive technologies!

• Increase your knowledge: hear experts sharing their views on the most pressing industry’s opportunities and challenges.
• Broaden your horizons: benefit from discussions with experts on innovative approach.
• Expand your networking: meet with the industry’s senior executives.

Conference details and online registration 
Contact: Conference Service


2018 IFA Global Technical Symposium

9-12 April, Madrid, Spain


86th IFA Annual Conference 

18-20 June 2018, Berlin, Germany


2018 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference

23-25 October, Singapore


2018 IFA Strategic Forum

13-14 November, Beijing, China

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