IFA Africa Forum
Chinese Initiative
EECA Initiative

Striving for an African continent free from hunger and malnutrition thanks to fertile soils and adequate agricultural production.
Expanding the relationship between the Chinese fertilizer industry and the global fertilizer community.
Reaching out to Russian speaking countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.


This IFA regional body is composed of IFA members with a long-term interest in Africa and in developing fertilizer use to improve soil fertility, promoting agricultural production and human nutrition to alleviate poverty. 

The Forum provides a platform to exchange views and expertise on key issues. It facilitates effective communication between the fertilizer industry and key African stakeholders. It expects to raise awareness on the positive role fertilizers can play in Africa’s development. Finally, it should contribute to increased fertilizer use by African farmers, in line with agronomic recommendations.

The Forum’s activities have both a pan-African and Sub-Saharan target. The Forum is open to all IFA members with activities in Africa and any member committed to developing the African fertilizer market in the long term. Non-industry organizations may be associated, but cannot be members. The Forum meets once or twice a year.
The main objectives of this initiative are:
  • to raise IFA's profile and expand IFA’s membership in China on a long-term basis;
  • to facilitate easy access to reliable market information on the Chinese fertilizer industry;
  • to promote the sustainable development of the fertilizer and agricultural sectors in China, through sharing of best technological and agricultural practices and participation in benchmarking programmes;
  • to foster market transparency and exchanges of information on fertilizer production, trade and consumption among IFA members.
Membership benefits include: 
  • the translation of key IFA documents in Mandarin located in the Chinese portal of fertilizer.org;
  • the presence of senior IFA staff at well-known fertilizer conferences in China and briefings with industry executives across China;
  • invitation to participate in IFA’s conferences abroad.
The strategic objectives for this initiative are based on the understanding of the diverse business needs and requirements in the region:
  • to deepen existing ties with IFA members in the region to enhance interaction among local members, the IFA membership, and the Secretariat;
  • to foster increased participation in IFA events and committee work to ensure proper regional representation;
  • to facilitate the exchange of market information with regard to production, trade and domestic consumption to better serve the information needs of the global fertilizer industry.