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J. Goni del Cacho, IFA Board Member

Chief Executive Officer, Fertiberia S.A., Spain

Javier Goñi was born in Pamplona (Spain) in 1968, where he studied before moving to university. In 1984-85, he attended one year of high school education in Iowa, USA.

In 1986, Javier moved to Madrid where he graduated in Law and Business Administration at ICADE University. He received with laureate both his bachelor degree in Law (1991) and his bachelor degree in Economics and Business Administration (1992).

In 1992, Javier joined McKinsey & Company, where he developed his consulting career working extensively in the steel, chemical industries, rail transportation, telecom and energy/utilities, providing solutions in the areas of strategy, organization and operations, and leading more than 30 consulting projects across Spain, Europe and Latin America.

While at McKinsey, he complemented his education with a Master in Business Administration from INSEAD (Fontainebleau –France) in 1994-95.

In June 2002, Javier became a Partner of McKinsey & Company.

Soon after that, in October 2002, Javier joined Fertiberia (Villar Mir Group) as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for raw materials supply, all factories and all marketing and sales divisions. Since he joined the company, he has been extensively involved in the restructuring of Fertiberia first, and in corporate growth projects afterwards. Under his watch, Fertiberia closed three industrial sites in Spain, implemented new market and distribution strategies, successfully completed the privatization process of Fertial in Algeria (significantly expanding the ammonia and nitrogen production capacity), and adquired the Portuguese producer Adubos de Portugal.

In June 2011, Javier was appointed as new Member of the Board of Fertiberia, and in November 2012 was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of all Fertiberia Group (Fertiberia and all affiliated companies).

In June 2013, Javier was appointed new Vice President of the European producers association (Fertilizers Europe).

In December 2014 Javier was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of both Fertiberia and Fertial, in addition to his CEO responsibilities.

In addition, Javier has served during the last seven years as Vice Chairman of the PIT Committee of IFA (International Fertilizer Association).