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J. Al Sarayrah, IFA Board Member


Chairman of the Board, Arab Potash Company, Jordan

Mr. Jamal Al Sarayrah, Chairman of the Arab Potash Company (APC) Board of Directors since 13/6/2012, has 30 years of experience in politics and business strategy development. He held a number of ministerial and parliamentary positions that included Minister of Post and Communication and Minister of Transportation, First Deputy Speaker and member of the Chamber of Deputies of Jordan, member of the Royal Commission for the National Charter of Jordan. He also headed a number of companies and organizations in the public and private sectors in post and communications, transportation, and regulation, including Chairman of Jordan Telecom, Chairman of the Arab Fertilizers Association (31/10/2013–31/12/2014), Senior Advisor for business strategy development in telecommunication, (Reliance Globalcom, Dubai), and GM of ARAMCO office (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey).

He holds a post-graduate diploma in international law and international relations from the Aberystwyth University in Wales and a BA in English Literature from the University of Kuwait.