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James Fazzino, IFA Board Member


Managing Director and CEO, Incitec Pivot Ltd, Australia

James Fazzino was appointed Managing Director & CEO of the IPL Group in July 2009. He was first appointed as a director in July 2005 following his appointment as CFO in May 2003.

Since James joined the IPL Group, the Company has undergone significant transformation growing from a fertiliser company operating in just two States of Australia to a global diversified industrial chemicals business. IPL is now Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fertilisers and the world’s second largest supplier of industrial explosives. IPL owns and operates 20 manufacturing plants in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Chile and Turkey and has joint-venture operations in South Africa, Malaysia and China.

James is also Chairman of the Advisory Board for La Trobe University's Business School and an Adjunct Professor of the La Trobe Business School.