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S. A. El Maaty, IFA Board Member

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Abu-Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Ind. Co., Egypt

Saad Abu El Maaty has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Abuqir Fertilizers company since October 2011.

Prior to that Saad served as a Vice Chairman of MOPCO Fertilizers Company and also he worked as a Chief Executive Assistant for Production Affairs at MOPCO Fertilizers Company.

He was also General Manager of Production at Nasr Petroleum Company and General Manager of Production at Nasr Petroleum Company.

He is a Board Member at Arab Fertilizers Association (AFA), a Board Member in Egyptian Mansora Faculty of Science, Egypt and a Board Member in Alexandria Faculty of Science, Egypt.

Saad also have an experience in fertilizers and chemical plants. He has graduated from Faculty of Science in 1981.