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Thematic Committees Guidelines
Restricted to members 

The objectives of the Production and International Trade Committee are to :
  • provide members and other relevant parties with authoritative, reliable data on the production, supply, logistics and trade of fertilizer products, intermediates and raw materials;
  • provide professional forecasts on the supply and demand balances for the major plant nutrients;
  • inform members of developments in the field of fertilizer supply and international rules and regulations affecting fertilizer trade;
  • address issues related to fertilizer supply.
The Committee prepares comprehensive statistical reports on production and international trade of raw materials, intermediates and fertilizer and global capacity surveys. Detailed PIT statistics are available online in IFA dedicated web pages, for IFA members only.

Twice a year, the Secretariat prepares authoritative market outlook reports on fertilizer supply and supply/demand balances.

The Committee organizes for all IFA members the annual IFA Production and International Trade Conference with a programme of keynote presentations on relevant topics of interest to the international fertilizer industry community.

Members of the Committee and its Secretariat are actively involved in several international fertilizer working groups and participate in ad-hoc task forces on specific issues relevant to the mandate of the Committee and interest of IFA members.

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