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To raise the profile and reputation of the fertilizer industry among the media, strategic international policymakers, influencers, NGOs, and other organizations by communicating and promoting the continuous actions and solutions offered by IFA members to address global societal concerns related to agriculture, food security, fertilizer production and use.  


  • Educate industry’s stakeholders (including: the general public, media, civil society, governments, farmers’ organizations, cooperatives and distributors) and the fertilizer industry by promoting and increasing awareness of the strategic role of the fertilizer industry in providing innovative solutions to global challenges such as food and nutrition security (e.g: efficient production, responsible fertilizer use, nutrient stewardship), economic and agricultural development. 
  • Monitor, track and analyze trends, international issues and influence public policies to be coherent, science-based and include industry data and expertise.
  • Work strategically with national associations, international governmental and non-governmental organizations to foster a positive climate for member companies and to encourage new partnerships. 
  • Support, coordinate and inform key processes within IFA on topics such as risk management, reputation management, crisis preparedness, message development, sustainability and stakeholder engagement. 
  • Provide communications, international institutional relations, media relations and assistance with governmental relations upon Member’s request to support the implementation of IFA strategies and in alignment with IFA’s other committees.


  • Strategies and tactics for defined and agreed topics and projects: 
    • Communications strategy 
    • Outreach/advocacy strategy 
    • Stakeholder engagement strategy
    • Social media/digital communications
    • Crisis communications
  • Risk identification and prioritization systems within IFA and support mitigation plan development and implementation efforts with other committees
    • Development of industry common positions and messaging (message maps), proactively drive alignment, and coordinate industry delegations. Messaging will be done for internal (IFA members) and external (stakeholders) audiences. 
  • Communications campaigns/activities
  • Special projects with other organizations, in particular national and regional associations and research institutes
  • Provide communications support to other IFA committees

Services to IFA members

Profile of future committee members 

  • Communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Public Relations
  • Digital communication/social media
  • Marketing
  • Public Affairs
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Government relations
    • Advocacy
    • Stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainability
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Sustainable development
    • Community engagement

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