The mission of the Committee is to promote sustainable fertilizer management, conduct authoritative market analysis related to fertilizer demand, and monitor policy, scientific and other developments that may impact present and future demand.

The Committee has five main objectives, which are to:
  • Promote nutrient stewardship, including effective last-mile delivery;
  • Promote and assist innovation related to fertilizer use and partnership with the scientific community;
  • Develop timely, reliable and authoritative fertilizer demand statistics and forecasts;
  • Address issues facing fertilizer demand, including nutrient management policies and fertilizer subsidies;
  • Educate the public about the role and benefits of fertilizer in global food and nutrition security.
The Committee provides, twice a year, a report on the prospects for world agriculture and fertilizer demand. Analysis of the factors affecting fertilizer demand, new agricultural developments and policy changes are communicated to the members by inviting relevant experts to IFA's annual and regional conferences.

The Agriculture Committee's statistics include:
  • Publication of IFADATA with time series by country and by product from 1973/74 for the production, trade and consumption of fertilizers;
  • Assessment of fertilizer use by crop.
The Committee organizes events (conferences, workshops...) which addresses a mix of technical, economic and policy issues, that relate to food, feed, fiber and bioenergy production, human health, the environment and market development. 

The Committee prepares and disseminates publications and position/issue papers, through the work of ad hoc task forces on issues relating to fertilizer use. Studies and scientific reviews on various aspects relating to fertilizer use are also supported by IFA. Furthermore, the Committee contributes to the promotion of nutrient stewardship.

The Committee manages the IFA Norman Borlaug Award, which is granted on an annual basis to individuals for excellence in crop nutrition research or knowledge transfer.

IFA's sponsorship of research and development projects on fertilizer use currently includes:

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