IFA and AFAP Event
“Seizing the moment, Accelerating Fertilizer Usage among African Smallholder Farmers"
6 September 2016, Nairobi, Kenya

The African Fertilizer Volunteers' Program

The African Fertilizer Volunteer’s Program (AFVP) is a call to global fertilizer industry experts willing to volunteer their time and knowledge towards building the African fertilizer value chain.

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Charlotte Hebebrand, IFA Director General

The world's fastest growing market

The African continent has the lowest fertilizer consumption in the world. The situation is changing rapidly in some leading countries that are experiencing an economic and population growth that drives up food demand and production, yet in some regions like Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) much more needs to be done to address the problems of high soil mining, yield gaps, and high prevalence of hunger.

In 2012-2013, the SSA fertilizer market was estimated at 3.2 million tonnes (Mt) nutrients, of which N accounted for 1.8 Mt, P2O5 for 0.9 Mt and K2O 0.5Mt. This represents slightly less than 2% of the world total consumption.

Nevertheless, the SSA region is the world fastest growing market- excluding South Africa, the SSA fertilizer demand expansion has averaged around 8% per year since 2008. In 2015, SSA (without South Africa) was estimated to account for half of Africa’s fertilizer consumption, and this share is expected to rise over time.

Find out more about Fertilizer Use
in SSA and the Abuja Target
by reading our dedicated
Fertilizer Fact issue.

IFA therefore supports projects that seek to improve the access to fertilizers in the countries where they are most needed. In order for these projects to be effective, they must rely on up-to-date and reliable data.

AfricaFertilizer.org is a global initiative facilitating the exchange of information on soil fertility, fertilizers, and good agricultural practices in Africa. It is led by IFDC, in partnership with IFA.

By improving data quality, AfricaFertilizer.org supports the implementation of continental, regional, and national agricultural policies, to the benefit of the private sector, including smallholder farmers and agro dealers.

The African Fertilizer Outlook

IFA prepares for its members a Market Outlook for Africa.

Find the latest “African Fertilizer Outlook” here.

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