Non-IFA Events

This is a list of industry events which are being held by organizations other than IFA. Please note that IFA is not responsible for the organization or registration of third party events.

Promoting Agriculture Technology to Improve Productivity and Net Returns for Smallholder Farmers
23-27 January, Accra, Ghana

Frontiers of Potassium Conference
IPNI - International Plant Nutrition Institute
25-27 January, Rome, Italy

Fertilizer Latino Americano 2017
CRU and Argus FMB
25-27 January, Buenos Aires, Argentina

23rd AFA Annual Fertilizer Forum & Exhibition
Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) 
31 January-2 February, Cairo, Egypt

Argus FMB NPK and Water Soluble Fertilizers India 2017
Argus FMB
9-10 February, New Delhi, India

Middle East Sulphur 2017
12-16 February, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Argus FMB Africa Fertilizer 2017
Argus FMB
15-17 February, Cape Town, South Africa

CRU's Nitrogen + Syngas 2017
27 February-2 March, London, United Kingdom

2017 China International Fertilizer Show
CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry
1-3 March, Shanghai, China

Phosphates 2017
13-15 March, Tampa, USA

The 15th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition
New Ag International
15-17 March, Berlin, Germany

Argus FMB Asia Fertilizer 2017
Argus FMB
29-31 March, Beijing, China

Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer 2017
Argus FMB
21-23 April 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Argus FMB Added Value Fertilizers
Argus FMB
24-26 April 2017, Miami, USA

Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Summit 2017
Green Markets & Acuity Commodities
8 May 2017, Atlanta, USA

4th International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry
8-10 May 2017, Benguerir, Morocco

Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa
15-19 May, Accra, Ghana

CNCIC 2017 International Specialty Fertilizer Convention
China National Chemical Information Center
29-31 May, Beijing, China

Nitrogen North America
Green Markets / IHSMarkit
4-5 June 2017, Las Vegas, USA

Argus FMB NPK Fertilizers Vietnam 2017
Argus FMB
28-30 June, Hanoi, Vietnam

International Fertiliser Society 2017 Technical Conference
International Fertiliser Society
29-30 June, London, United Kingdom

West Africa Fertilizer Agribusiness Conference
10-12 July, Accra, Ghana

Technology Advances in Agricultural Production, Water and Nutrient Management
21 August-1 September, USA (Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and Washington D.C.)

Combined GPCA 8th Annual Fertilizer Convention & AFA Technical Conference
26-28 September, Manama, Bahrain

World Chemical Summit
Science, Industry and Society Inspiring the Future
4-5 October, Barcelona, Spain

Argus FMB Europe Fertilizer 2017
Argus FMB
18-20 October, Barcelona, Spain

Sulphur 2017
6-9 November, Atlanta, USA

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