Why attend IFA events ?

Through its events, IFA offers rich opportunities for its members to meet, exchange views on the issues facing the industry and find opportunities for industry outreach. Peer-to-peer contacts are fundamentally important for the industry’s business operations and robust competition. Networking also facilitates the exchange of best practices to drive improved performance. IFA provides open forums for networking and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

To facilitate participation, IFA negotiates special room rates, coordinates selected hotels to provide customized services and offers a personalized reservation service. Conferences are financed by members through participation fees and occasionally through event sponsorship. IFA’s Annual Conference is the annual fertilizer industry event worldwide. Held in different regions each year, it attracts around 1,300 participants, including chief executives and senior management representatives.

Members also have access to these subjects-specific conferences:
  • The Annual IFA Strategic Forum
  • The annual IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference (also open to non-Members),
  • The annual IFA Production and International Trade Conference,
  • The annual IFA Agriculture and Communication Meeting,
  • The biennial IFA Global Safety Summit,
  • The biennial IFA Global Technical Symposium.

Phosphate Fertilizer Production Technology

2-6 October 2017, Marrakech, Morocco

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2017 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference

24-26 October 2017, Shanghai, China

With more than 400 participants expected to attend, IFA's Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference, which focusses on the pivotal Asian region and Pacific basin is extremely popular. The event is organized under the guidance of the Regional Vice Presidents and is designed for all members with an interest in Asia and the Pacific, as well as newcomers who would like to learn more about the Association with a view to potentially joining.

The conference this year is putting the emphasis on the host country, with high-level speakers from China helping attendees better understand the drivers of fertilizer supply and demand in the country. The conference will also offer the opportunity to engage the regional industry in IFA’s scenario planning initiative “IFA2030”. Other sessions will address the regional market outlook, specialty fertilizers, and agronomic matters.

Simultaneous interpretation between English and Chinese will be available.

Conference details and online registration 
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2017 IFA Strategic Forum

14-15 November, Zurich, Switzerland

IFA’s fourth Strategic Forum will be held in Zürich this year. The meeting has become a must visit for inspiring discussions about strategically important topics relating to plant nutrition and the future direction of the fertilizer industry, as well as an opportunity for valuable high-level networking.

The theme of the 2017 Forum is “Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency – The Role of Specialty Fertilizers.” During four informative sessions, we will hear from academics, external stakeholders, technology providers and some of IFA’s CEOs on how they view the future of this industry segment evolving.

The first session will also see this year’s IFA Norman Borlaug Award being presented to a recipient whose research or extension work has contributed to more efficient and effective fertilizer use. In a special session, the winner will also be joined by former IFA Norman Borlaug award laureates who will present their views on how to most effectively enhance nutrient use efficiency in the medium to long term.

The event marks IFA’s increased focus on specialty (also known as premium or enhanced efficiency) fertilizers and we will also be organizing a high-level meeting of our Working Group on Special Products to help set the course of IFA’s future work program in the area.

On 14 November, the Young Professionals will gather for a meeting – remember that all IFA members 35 years and younger benefit from half price registration. The afternoon of 15 November sees IFA’s General Meeting and the short-term market outlook being held. We will also be reporting on and seeking your feedback on the strategic planning exercise “IFA2030” which we have embarked upon, as well as presenting our work program for 2018.

The meeting ends with a fabulous gala evening in the evening of 15 November at the lovely Porcelain Museum. We look forward to seeing you there and to discussing the future direction of the industry.

Conference details and online registration 
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2018 IFA Joint Agriculture & Communication Meeting

29-31 January, Rome, Italy


2018 IFA Production and International Trade Conference

6-9 March, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2018 IFA Global Technical Symposium

9-12 April, Madrid, Spain


• Priority will be given to papers addressing one of the following topics:
• Fertilizer research and development initiatives
• N, P, K, S fertilizer production technology and process innovation
• Specialty fertilizer production technology innovation
• Best Available Techniques for pollution prevention and control
• Waste management and recycling initiatives
• Energy use and efficiency improvements
• Water use and efficiency improvements
• Learning from fertilizer production incidents
• Other related topic

Guidelines for Paper Abstract Submission

The IFA Secretariat is now accepting paper themes and abstracts for its next Global Technical Symposium. If you would like to present a paper during this event, which is expected to attract over 200 technology leaders from around 40 countries, please provide the following information:

1 - Proposed title
2 - Speaker name, company and country
3 - Maximum 250-word paper abstract in English

Your paper abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical & SHE Committee’s Strategic Advisory Team (SAT) and will be accepted according to their relevance to the Symposium theme and to the below topic areas, before end of 2017.

As the number of papers will be limited, we strongly encourage interested authors to submit paper proposals as soon as possible.  Paper guidelines will be sent to authors once papers have been selected. One author per paper will be exempted from the Symposium registration fees.

For any questions or further clarification regarding the paper abstract submission, please contact Mrs. Sophie Palmié.


86th IFA Annual Conference 

18-20 June 2018, Berlin, Germany


2018 IFA Crossroads Asia-Pacific Conference

23-25 October, location TBC


2018 IFA Strategic Forum

13-14 November, Beijing, China

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